Calculate Levelized Cost of Electricity for a Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine

 Levelized Cost of Electricity Calculator – This is a very simple calculator that helps in calculating the levelized cost (also known as average cost) of electricity per kWh (Kilowatt hour). The user has to enter the rated power of the turbine, rotor diameter, average wind speed, capital cost, equity, operation and maintenance cost, and the […]

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Master Cipher

In network security, cryptography is of vital importance. Cipher is an algorithm for performing encryption and decryption. The most popular cryptographic algorithms include – Data Encryption Standard (DES), Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), Diffie–Hellman key exchange algorithm, RSA algorithm etc.  Master Cipher – The Master Cipher software possesses  a unique algorithm based on the above symmetric key algorithms. This […]

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Blood Report Manager

People take regular blood tests to check for blood Glucose level, Cholesterol, Thyroid functioning etc. Its very important to keep track of all those records and to monitor their periodical increase and decrease at each intervals. Blood Report Manager – Allows user to create a Microsoft Access database and allow user to enter their data […]

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