Blood Report Manager

People take regular blood tests to check for blood Glucose level, Cholesterol, Thyroid functioning etc. Its very important to keep track of all those records and to monitor their periodical increase and decrease at each intervals.

3232Blood Report Manager –

Allows user to create a Microsoft Access database and allow user to enter their data and save it using the easy to use – user interface.
It allows user to record the following general and common blood tests which people generally take –

1.) Glucose
2.) Cholesterol
3.) LDL ( Low Density Lipo-protein )
4.) HDL ( High Density Lipo-protein )
5.) Triglycerides
6.) Fibrinogen
7.) Hemoglobin A1C
8.) DHEA
9.) PSA
10.) Homocysteine
11.) C-Reactive Protein
12.) TSH
13.) Testosterone
14.) Estradiol

Finally, the Graphical View enables the user to analyse the graphical compilation of the data.

User Interface – 

User Interface

Add, Update, Delete values to and from the Access database –

Interacting with records

Graphical Compilation of data loaded from the database – 

Graphical View

Free link to download this free software created by me –

Source code for the project –


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