Master Cipher

In network security, cryptography is of vital importance. Cipher is an algorithm for performing encryption and decryption.
The most popular cryptographic algorithms include – Data Encryption Standard (DES), Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), Diffie–Hellman key exchange algorithm, RSA algorithm etc.

3232 Master Cipher –

The Master Cipher software possesses  a unique algorithm based on the above symmetric key algorithms. This unique algorithm designed by me is very difficult to exploit using a brute-force attack because of its very complex logic and combination of different algorithms mixed together to develop a strong and an almost unbreakable encryption of a plain text.

The software as a whole is of a very small size and has a very easy and basic user interface which makes it very very simple and easy to use. A plain text can be encrypted in many different ways to produce a different encryption each time. As a whole user will be able to carry out the encryption and decryption mechanism without hassle.

User Interface –

Screen 1 - Copy

A different encrypted text when each time encryption is carried out –

Screen 2 - Copy

Decryption process –

Screen 3 - Copy

Download this free software here –

Source code for the project –